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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    “A Observational study of ease of insertion, hemodynamic changes and postoperative adverse events between classical laryngeal mask airway and i gel in short surgical procedures”

    Dr. Raju Singh Rathor Dr. Akash Gajendra Dr. Rajkumar Ahirwal Dr. Yashwant Dhawale
    JCDR. 2021: 2702-2709


    Observational study ‘‘Ease of insertion, hemodynamic changes and postoperative adverse events’’ between C-LMA and I-Gel in short surgical procedures. METHODS: Sixty patients of age between 18-50 years of ASA grade I and grade II who were posted for short surgical procedures under general anesthesia were included in the study. Patients were divided into two groups: Group I: I-Gel: n-30 Group II: C-LMA: n-30 .All the patients were induced with propofol 2-3mg/kg. RESULTS: comparison of ease of insertion and Insertion in first attempt was successful in 93.3% of patients in group I (I-GEL) as compared to 66.7% of Group II (C-LMA). Time required for insertion was 17.73±5.29s for group-I(I-Gel) as compared to 26.33±5.45s of group II(C-LMA) and a higher incidence of postoperative adverse events group II (C-LMA) than in Group I (I-Gel).C-LMA and I-Gel have similar hemodynamic changes. CONCLUSION: In our study we concluded that I-Gel devices are easy to insert, in less no. Of attempts, requiring less time of insertion and less post-operative adverse events as compare to C-LMA. Classical -LMA and I-Gel have similar hemodynamic


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    Volume 12 Issue 7