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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    A Prospective study to evaluate the response and quality of life with Quad shot Radiotherapy in locally advanced or Metastatic Head & Neck Cancer.

    Dr. Asiya Hilal, Dr. Arun Kumar Verma
    JCDR. 2022: 38-44


    This prospective observational study investigates the impact of palliative radiotherapy on patient-reported outcomes (PRO) in individuals with head and neck cancer (HNC). The study enrolled 44 patients, with 42 included in the analysis, focusing on evaluating the effectiveness, tolerability, and toxicity of three different schedules of palliative radiotherapy. The participants, predominantly with advanced-stage HNC, completed questionnaires, including the University of Washington Quality of Life (UWQOL) questionnaire, at multiple time points during and after radiotherapy. The study aimed to assess changes in quality of life, pain intensity, patient satisfaction, and overall survival. Results indicated that while there were no significant improvements in predefined areas of health-related quality of life (HrQoL) at the group level, most patients experienced a substantial improvement in their main symptoms, surpassing the minimum important difference (MID). Common toxicities included dysphagia and mucositis, with significant mucositis decreasing within one week post-radiotherapy. The study highlights challenges in patient enrollment and attrition rates. Although limitations such as a small sample size and participant dropout exist, the findings suggest a discernible benefit of palliative radiotherapy in reducing pain and improving specific HrQoL domains for selected HNC patients. Further prospective studies are recommended to validate these results.


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    Volume 13 Issue 10