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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Awareness and Sentience of new CBME curriculum by MCI among First year MBBS students of a Medical Institution in Northern Maharashtra

    Ashish Anjankar, Rahul Narkhede, Sandip Lambe, Snehal A Patil, Ranjit Tandle, Kanchan Lambe
    JCDR. 2023: 2215-2224


    The Medical Council of India (*Now National Medical Commission) has changed the MBBS curriculum and rolled out new CBME curriculum for implementation from 2019 batch. The curriculum is divided into various competencies which students have to master. The new curriculum is student centric and has many new aspects of teaching like early clinical exposure, self-directed learning to name a few. This study was conducted in a Medical institution situated in Northern Maharashtra with the following objectives: Objectives: 1. To assess the knowledge and sentience of First MBBS students about the new CBME curriculum.2. To evaluate the efficacy of teaching of the new CBME curriculum from First MBBS students point of view. Methods: To assess the knowledge and sentience of First MBBS students about the new CBME curriculum by the MCI, a questionnaire based observational cross sectional study was conducted in a private medical college in northern Maharashtra region. A pre-designed, pre-validated, structured questionnaire was filled by the first year MBBS students via Google Forms sent to them and the data, obtained and assembled from the Google forms in the form of responses, was evaluated, tabularized and presented in the form of percentages. Results: In a significant amount of students, the awareness about the CBME curriculum was very satisfactory. The overall sentience among the students was very positive towards the beneficially of the CBME curriculum. Conclusion: We received a very fulfilling and promising feedback from the students about the new CBME curriculum and its effectiveness. This study will help additionally in revealing the choice of students and their point of view about the teaching-learning of new curriculum.


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    Volume 14 Issue 5