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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Case Series Of Oesophageal Foreign Body With A Rare Case Of Oesophageal Foreign Body Impaction In Previously Operated Type III Oesophageal Atresia With TEF

    Dr. Udit Kumar, Dr. Anjali Jalan, Dr. A . K Roy, Dr. Mohd Ubais
    JCDR. 2023: 793-798


    Foreign body (FB) ingestion in children is very common, and most events occur in children between 6 months and 3 years of age. The present study was conducted to assess cases of oesophageal foreign body with arare case of oesophageal foreign body impaction in previously operated type III oesophageal atresia with TEF. Materials & Methods: 20 Pediatric patients of oesophageal foreign body ingestion attending Pediatric Surgery OPD, ELMCH of both gendersunderwent complete history and examination. Radiological investigation such as chest x-ray PA and lateral view was done. Patient were then planned for foreign body removal. Results: A total of 20 pediatric patients (12 boys, 8 girls) were recruited with the history or suspicion of foreign body ingestion during the study period of 6 months.The majority of patients belonged to 1-2 years of age ie 9 patients(45%).The youngest one was 9 months and the oldest was 6 years of age. The most common oesophageal foreign body removed were coin in 12 patients (60%) other foreign bodies were ring in 2 patients,button battery in 1 patient,organic food particle in 2 patients,safety pin in 1 patient and collapsable hollow plastic ball was found impacted in Previously Operated Type III Oesophageal Atresia With TEF.The difference was significant (P< 0.05). The most common presentation was asymptomatic in 11 patients (55%) followed by dysphagia in 4 patients(20%), sore throat and pain in 2 patients each (10%), nausea in 1 patient(5%).The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Site of impaction was upper oesophagus in 17, mid- oesophagus in 2 and lower oesophagus sphincter in 1 case. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). Conclusion: Children with oesophageal foreign body ingestion can be effectively treated, it is necessary to carefully consider the type of ingested, the children’s age, expected complications, and emergency situations.Usual site of oesophageal foreign body is at upper end of oesophagus. One should be careful to remove a foreign body lodged at previous oesophageal anastomosis.


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