ISSN 0975-3583

Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Causes of Hematuria Evaluation by Computed Tomography

    Dr. Pratik Mittal, Dr. Nitin Khantal, Dr. Sonika Rani
    JCDR. 2023: 1906-1911


    Hematuria is a renal condition leading to the presence of blood or RBC in urine (gross or microscopic). It is related to significant clinical symptom that can be caused due to Urinary tract abnormalities such as calculi, infection, drug toxicity, neoplasms etc. The present study was conducted to assess imaging findings of various causes of hematuria, to differentiate neoplastic from non-neoplastic renal masses, various upper and lower urinary tract lesions , to analyse the efficacy of CT Urography in adjunct with histopathological correlation or follow up whenever possible in correctly diagnosing the causes of hematuria. Materials & Methods: 52 patients with complain of gross hematuria or positive for hematuria of all age group irrespective of sex, who undergo contrast MDCT with renal protocol for evaluating a cause of hematuria . 16-slice multidetector CT with pressure injector was the equipment used for study. Patients with normal serum creatinine value (<1.5 mg/dl) were permitted for the study. Renal specific contrast phases -Arterial phase (25 - 40 sec), Venous phase (80 - 120 sec) , Delayed phase ( 240 - 300 sec ) were acquired. All images were evaluated in various window settings on dedicated CT workstations. Results: The age of the patients ranges from 3 years to > 80 years. The majority of subjects are between age group 41-60 years (32.7%). Males (65.4%) are more in number than females (34.6%). All patients were diagnosed with microhematuria and around 13 patients were also diagnosed with macrohematuria. Macrohematuria was mainly diagnosed in patients with bladder cancer (15.4%), renal injury (38.5%) and malignant renal tumor (30.8%). In addition, dysuria with abdominal pain was observed as a major symptom in most of the patients. Conclusion: Hematuria is a common clinical symptom, has a prevalence rate of 9-18% and can originate from any site along the urinary tract.Multidetector CT urography aids in detecting the entire spectrum of urinary tract pathologies spread accountable for hematuria with high accuracy.


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