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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Clinical Distribution of Facial Lesion among Females of Reproductive Age Group: A Tertiary Care Center Study in Central India

    Dr Sanjay Pancholi
    JCDR. 2019: 146-154


    The profusion of pilosebaceous units with exaggeration of the sebaceous glands at some sites along with the large terminal hairs and large number of adnexal structures each surrounded by its own plexus of ramifying vascular network also influence the expression of skin disease on the face. All female patients, who presented with the primary symptoms, suggestive of facial dermatoses, attending the OPD were subjected to detailed history and clinical examination. During the study period, a total of 200 cases were selected randomly after taking their consent. Majority of the patients were asymptomatic 126 (63%) followed by complaints of itching in 20.5%, pain in 8.5% patients and burning sensation in 6% patients. In the present study, out of 200 patients, 74 patients had pigmentary disorders. The most common pigmentary condition on face was melasma 62% followed by 12% patients with periorbital melanosis. There were 5.5% cases each of freckles and seborrheic melanosis, 4% cases of lichen planus pigmentosus. One case each of Vitiligo, Riehls melanosis, solar melanosis, drug induced pigmentation and exogenous ochronosis was seen (1.3%).


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