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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Clinico-Etiological Profile of Neonatal Seizures in Term Neonates

    Anupama B R , Venkatesh K P , Harish U , SK Nithyananda , Lohith K , Mruthyunjaya T D
    JCDR. 2022: 1164-1169


    : Neonatal seizures in term neonates are a significant health concern with potential long-term consequences. Understanding the clinico-etiological profile of these seizures is essential for early diagnosis and appropriate management. This descriptive study aims to characterize the clinico-etiological profile of neonatal seizures in term neonates. Methods: A retrospective analysis of medical records was conducted for term neonates with neonatal seizures admitted to a tertiary care hospital over a specified period. Data including demographics, clinical presentation, seizure characteristics, underlying etiologies, and diagnostic investigations were collected and analyzed. Results: Provide an overview of the main findings and relationships presented in each table, contributing to our understanding of clinical manifestations, risk factors, temporal patterns, and clinical factors associated with neonatal seizures in term neonates. Conclusion: This descriptive study provides valuable insights into the clinico-etiological profile of neonatal seizures in term neonates. Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy emerged as the predominant underlying etiology. Early recognition and prompt management of neonatal seizures based on the identified profile are crucial for optimizing outcomes in these vulnerable infants. Further research is warranted to explore long-term outcomes and refine therapeutic approaches.



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    Volume 13 Issue 7