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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Comparative Prospective Study on Functional Outcomes of Dynamic Hip Screw Versus Proximal Femoral Nailing for Intertrochanteric Fractures of Femur

    Dr. Achanala Siva Kesavulu Dr. K. Pavan Kumar Dr. B Venu Madhav Dr. R. Anjani Kumar
    JCDR. 2024: 53-61


    About half of hip fractures in the elderly are caused by intertrochanteric fractures, of which more than 50% are unstable. Restoring mobility safely, effectively, and as close to the patient's pre-operative state as possible are the main objectives of treatment for any intertrochanteric fracture. Over the past 20 years, the dynamic hip screw (DHS) has become widely accepted and is now the gold standard for outcome comparison. Recently, proximal femoral nailing (PFN) is the intramedullary device that has frequently been claimed to have helped with these fractures, hence reducing the lever arm aspect on the implant. The Objectives of the present study is to compare the functional outcomes between dynamic hip screw versus proximal femoral nailing for the treatment of inter-trochanteric fractures of hip.


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    Volume 15 Issue 4