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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Comparison of Clinical and Radiological Outcomes of open Reduction Using the Anterior and Medial Approaches for the Management of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

    Sujit Jos, Antony J, Bobby Paulose, Shankar Sanu
    JCDR. 2023: 658-662


    To compare clinical and radiological outcomes of open reduction using the anterior and medial approaches for the management of developmental dysplasia of the Hip. Material and Methods: Forty children aged<24 months of both genders were divided into 2 groups. Each group comprised of 20 patients. Group I was treated with anterior approach open reduction and group II with medial approach open reduction. Parameters such as side, range of motion, muscle strength, acetabular index (AI) and center–edge angle (CEA) was done. Results: There were 12 male and 8 female patients in group I and 11 males and 9 females in group II. The mean age at surgery 16.4 months in group I and 13.2 months in group II. Unilateral cases were 7 in group I and 6 in group II. Bilateral in 13 in group I and 14 in group II. Flexion (degree) was 121.3 and 122.5, internal rotation (degree) was 38.4 and 43.2, external rotation (degree) was 33.2 and 33.0, abduction (degree) was 30.2 and 29.4, adduction (degree) was 25.4 and 23.1, muscle strength flexor was 121.4 N and 103.6 N, abductor strength was 99.4 Nand 86.2 N in group I and II respectively. Acetabular index (AI) in group I was 40.6 degree and in group II was 41.3 degree. Center–edge angle (CEA) was 33.4 degree in group I and 30.6 degree in group II. Conclusion: Both anterior approach open reduction and medial approach open reduction for the management of developmental dysplasia of the hip found to be equally effective


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