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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Comparison Of Oxygen Saturation Values In Preoperative Supine And Sitting Position Above 60 Year Old Patients

    Prashant Maurya, K.S. Bhatia, Chashamjot Kaur Bawa, Sumanvashist
    JCDR. 2024: 463-468


    To study the comparison of oxygen saturation values in supine and sitting position above 60 year old patients. Background: Changes in posture affect ventilation- perfusion rates, O2 transport and lungs volume in normal lungs. Study Design: An observational study. Methods: A preoperative observational study was conducted after the clearance from institutional ethical committee on 60 patients in department of Anaesthesiology, M.M.I.M.S.R, Mullana, Ambala Haryana, India. A sample of 60 elderly individuals with no heart disease, bleeding disorder, pain or anemia was included in the research. Individuals were positioned in two positions- supine and sitting. Oxygen saturation and pulse rates were then measured and recorded after the individuals held each position for ten minutes. Results: It was found that the average SpO2 value when measured while sitting in a chair was significantly higher than that measured when the individual was in supine body position. Hence, elderly patients, especially who have diminished cardio respiratory reserve, should be preferably made to sit rather than put in supine position for better vitals. Conclusion: This study was conducted to analyze differences in hemodynamics viz-a-viz oxygen saturation levels, pulse rate between supine and sitting position. It was found that saturation levels were higher in patients made to sit rather than those in supine position


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    Volume 15 Issue 2