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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Comprehensive evaluation of various parameters of dry adult radius – a morphometric study.

    Shahid kaleem, Mohd Arif Makdoomi1, Sauliha Rafiq, Ghulam Mohammad bhat, Syed Mubashir Yousuf⃰
    JCDR. 2024: 656-661


    Understanding of morphometric parameters of Radius play a very important and beneficial role for the advanced orthopedic and plastic manipulations by surgeons. Aim: To study the morphological and morphometric parameters of adult Indian radius. Material and methods: The material for this study compromised of 87 dry adult human radii (Right = 45, left = 42) obtained from Department of Anatomy Government Medical Collage Srinagar, J & K India and various parameters measured with Vernier Calipers. Results: The present study “Morphometric study of radius in Indian population” done on 87 adult dry radii of both sides (right 45 and left 42). The mean length of radius, Antero posterior diameter (radial head), transverse diameter (radial head), length of neck of radius, diameter of neck (proximal), diameter of neck ( distal), length of radial tuberosity, width of radial tuberosity, mid shaft antero- posterior diameter, mid shaft transverse diameter, length of styloid process in total radius were 22.37, 1.90, 1.72, 1.24,1.62, 1.36, 2.18, 1.25, 1.10, 1.39, 0.95 cm respectively on the right and 23.30, 1.92, 1.80, 1.27, 1.56, 1.29, 2.05,1.13, 1.07, 1.35, 0.94 cm respectively on the left side. All the parameters were recorded as per anatomical basis Conclusion: The results obtained from this study can be useful for the orthopedic surgeons for various surgical techniques and making prosthesis. These morphometric parameters can prove of great help to department of Surgery, Anatomy and Radiology as well.


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    Volume 15 Issue 6