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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Correlation Between Severity Of Stroke And Various Domains Of Quality Of Life

    Dr. Lalan Pratap Singh , Dr Anubhav Gupta, Dr Sarita Singh , Dr Ankit Anoop Maravi , Dr Badri Vishal Singh
    JCDR. 2023: 2206-2213


    this study was to investigate the impact severity of aphasia onquality of life in patients after one year of onset of first-ever stroke. Material & Methods: we included 33 patients with post stroke aphasia who were attending medicine out door and neurology outdoor clinic, admitted in wards of MY HOSPITAL and Patient being recalled from data base in neurology department of MY Hospital Indore. All assessment will be done in 2-3 session. The severity of stroke measured in BARTHEL score , NIHSS , MRS and HASIT score.We used SAQOL-39 scale in the poststroke aphasia in the Hindi speaking for assessment of quality of life . Result: Most of the subjects with aphasia 12 (29.4%) suffered from aphasia with the level of severity marked as 3 in the Boston diagnostics test. Mean time from stroke period was 2.16 yr. Most of the participants were married, received speech therapy and belonged to middle class. The average BARTHEL score, MR score, NIHS score were 85.69, 2.24, of quality of life had statistically significantly correlation with severity of stroke measured in BARTHEL score , NIHSS , MRS and severity of aphasia measured in HASIT score. Conclusions: The persons with mild post stroke aphasia have higher quality of life and persons with more severe post stroke aphasia have lower quality of life, one year after stroke in Hindi speaking patients.



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