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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    COVID-19, C reactive protein, D-Dimer, hematology, neutrophil

    Dr. Lekha M.B., Dr. Supritha Rajesh, Dr. Nikil Sanaba Paramesh, Dr. Manjunatha Y.A.
    JCDR. 2023: 1745-1754


    Coronavirus disease (COVID)-19 affects multi-organ system and is associated with changes in the hematological parameters. Objective: To explore hematological and coagulation parameters in Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) confirmed COVID-19 positive patients. Methods: This retrospective single center study included laboratory records of 300 patients diagnosed with COVID-19 using RT-PCR test and having complete records of hematology and coagulation parameter analysis during August to November 2020. Demographics and hematological data including age, sex, hemoglobin count, total leucocyte count, neutrophil count, absolute neutrophil count (ANC), lymphocyte count, absolute lymphocyte count (ALC), platelet count, D-Dimer, serum ferritin, C reactive protein and lactose dehydrogenase levels were recorded. Descriptive statistics were performed. Results: The Mean ± SD age of patients was 51.1±15.6. Majority (n=121, 40.3%) of patients were middle aged (31-50 years) and males (n=205, 68.3%). Overall, Mean ± SD of hemoglobin count was 12.4±2.2g/dL. Mean ± SD total leucocyte count, ANC, ALC and platelet count were 11047.2±5638.4/mm3, 8885.8±5613.4/mm3, 1517.7±805.4/mm3 and 1.7±1.0lakh/mm3, respectively. The Mean ± SD of D-dimer, C-reactive protein, ferritin and Lactose dehydrogenase were 21.3±192.1ng/mL, 36.1±41.8mg/L, 485.2±452.2ng/mL and 707.4±488.9U/L, respectively. Significant deviation from normal range was observed (p<0.05). While, hemoglobin count (41.9%) and lymphocyte count (65.8%), platelet count (51.2%), ANC(44.6%) and ALC (74.1%) decreased more often, increased total count (49.0%), neutrophil count (66.1%), D-Dimer (70.2%), C reactive protein (77.6%), ferritin (54.7%) and lactose dehydrogenase (79.7%) were noted. Age and sex was significantly associated with changes in hemoglobin, neutrophil, lymphocyte, ALC and D-Dimer counts (p<0.05). Conclusion: COVID-19 is associated with altered hematological and coagulation parameters suggesting the importance of Laboratory investigations at the initial stage of disease


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    Volume 14 Issue 2