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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Evaluation Of Clinical Profile, Type Of Aphasia And Severity Of Aphasia In Hindi Speaking People

    Dr. Lalan Pratap Singh , Dr Anubhav Gupta ,Dr Ankit Anoop Maravi ,Dr Sarita Singh , Dr Badri Vishal Singh
    JCDR. 2023: 2201-2205


    this study explore the clinical profile , type and severity of aphasia after one year of stroke in Hindi speaking people. Material & methods:33 patients with post stroke aphasia who were attending medicine out door and neurology outdoor clinic , admitted in wards of MY HOSPITAL and Patient being recalled from data base in neurology department of MY Hospital Indore. All assessment will be done in 2-3 session, by using HASIT (Hindi Aphasia Screening Indore Test) for presence and absence of aphasia. Results: The 33 aphasic subjects (31 male and 2 female) had mean age 49.69. Most of patients are the male. Mean stroke period is 2.16 yr. 31 subjects had ischemic and 2 had Hemorrhagic type of stroke. the most common was anomic aphasia, which was diagnosed in 9 subjects (27.7%), followed by Broca’s aphasia in 8 subjects(24.4%),Global aphasia in 8 subjects (24.4%), mixed non fluent in 6 subjects (18.1%). The least common were trans cortical types of aphasia, diagnosed in 1 subject (3.03%), just like Wernicke s aphasia in 1 subject (3.03). conclusion : Anomic aphasia was most commonin Hindi speaking peoples .



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