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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Extensive research into the incidence of obstructive sleep apnea among people with thyroid disease

    Dr. Kushal Donkada, Dr. Syed Nurulla Mohiuddin Quadri, Dr. Sailaja Yella, Dr. Syed Iffat Yasmeen
    JCDR. 2023: 182-185


    According to studies, thyroid disease may be influenced by environmental factors as well as ethnicity. In this study, we set out to identify the characteristics and predictors of thyroid disease connected to OSA, as well as the prevalence of thyroid disease among individuals with laboratory-diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Methods: For an overnight sleep study, serum levels of free thyroxine (FT4) and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) were assessed in all patients sent to the sleep disorders centre. Four weeks after the sleep study, the levels were assessed. All 100 patients had Type I attended polysomnography (PSG) done. Result: In addition to being heavier and more likely to have diabetes mellitus and hypertension, patients with hypothyroidism also had longer periods of time where their SaO2 was less than 90. Male patients with hypothyroidism tended to be heavier, to have longer periods of SaO2 > 90%, and to have a higher desaturation index (33.3 32.4 min vs. 13.5 24.4 min, p 0.05). Female OSA patients showed no differences between euthyroid and hypothyroid cases. Seven out of the 53 patients (13.2%) who did not have OSA were found to have clinical hypothyroidism and were already on thyroxine replacement therapy. Conclusion: The proportion of newly detected clinical hypothyroidism in OSA patients was modest; however, subclinical hypothyroidism was widespread in OSA patients


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    Volume 14 Issue 2