ISSN 0975-3583

Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Feto-maternal outcome in primary caesarean section in multigravida

    Eslavath Lavanya Bai, Sahana PR, Chandana MH, Chandrashekar K, Vijaya Harsoor
    JCDR. 2023: 329-333


    Caesarean section is one of the widely performed surgical procedure across the world. Despite remarkable improvements in the safety, caesarean section is associated with increased risk of maternal morbidity and mortality. A Prospective study of 115 cases of primary caesarean section in multigravida admitted in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology for a period of 1 year. Resuscitative Measures out of 21 babies admitted in NICU 36.4% were intubated, 36.4% were Tactile stimulated and 27.3% were Ambu done. In Perinatal Morbidity distribution, the most common Perinatal Morbidity is Meconium Aspiration Syndrome and mortality was preterm.


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    Volume 14 Issue 2