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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Guardsman fracture of mandible: A case report

    Dr. Mukul Padhye Dr.Yogesh Kini Dr.Trupti B.Shendkar Dr.Bhagyasree V. Dr.Shambhavi Singh Dr.Pranali Pawar
    JCDR. 2021: 2616-2619


    Fracture of mandible occurs more frequently than any other fractures of facial skeleton. The relative weakness of mandible in the region of neck would appear to make it the most vulnerable part of the jaw .The incidence of condylar fractures in a large series of mandibular fractures may be as high as 35.6% .Rowe & killey 1968 incidence 32.4% (Tasanan et al 1975). Bilateral condylar fractures account for 40%-50% of the total condylar fracture. A guardsman fracture is characterized by bilateral condylar fractures in combination with symphysis fracture and is usually seen elderly patients due to fall on chin[1]. A thorough clinical examination is important in evaluating a suspected mandibular trauma. In all types of mandibular fracture, the primary focus of the treatment is the restoration of function.


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    Volume 12 Issue 7