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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Health awareness among Saudi family: Toward building health and social model

    Eman Makki Almustafa1, Ali Mohammed Hummedi2, Khaloud Ali alghannam3, Saeed Mohammed Albohayri2, Mashari Abdullah AlOudah4, Insherah Abdullah Abu dheeb3, Huda Ahmed Al ghamdi5, Mona Abdulrazaq Alharoun4, Waheeda Khalil abuqurain3, Nawal Mohammed Al-Nazawi
    JCDR. 2021: 2813-2831


    This study aims to assess the level of health awareness within Saudi families to contribute to the attainment of health security, a pivotal component of comprehensive security encompassing social, economic, educational, and cultural dimensions. This endeavor involves the identification of prevalent health issues in Saudi society, the extent of engagement with traditional healthcare practices, the influence of cultural and social norms on the escalation of health challenges, citizens' societal obligations concerning their health and their perceived responsibilities toward it, as well as the exploration of dietary habits and the prevalence of physical inactivity.


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    Volume 12 Issue 7