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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Measuring Table Tilts- Trigonometry and Electronics

    Dr. Geetha J., Dr. Andrews M., Dr. S. Srinandhini
    JCDR. 2024: 678-684


    The main purpose of tilt table testing (TTT) is to determine the underlying cause of orthostatic intolerance, near-fainting episodes, and unexplained syncope. The aim of present study is to measure table tilt using trigonometry and electronic medium. MATERIAL AND METHODS The present prospective study was done among 25 patients undergoing pelvic surgery at tertiary care centre during the study period of one year. Inclinometer, bubble app and mathematical formula were used to measure the tilt. Results were analyzed using SPSS version 25.0. RESULTS The mean age of patients in our study was 37.8±5.9 years. The Mean ± SD angle measured by three methods were 13.1±2.8 degree by inclinometer, 13.2±2.6 degree by bubble app and 13.1±2.6 degree by mathematical formula and results were significant with p value .000. CONCLUSION All the three methods were easy to use and were efficient in measuring table tilt with almost same results.


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    Volume 15 Issue 2