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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Morphometry of foramen magnum and its clinical implications. An institutional study.

    Shahid kaleem, Mohd Arif Makdoomi, Munib Ul Rehman, Syed Mubashir Yousuf⃰⃰
    JCDR. 2024: 1086-1091


    Foramen magnum is the largest foramen in the skull. It acts as a significant signpost for the several structures that pass through it. Forensic specialists, neurosurgeons, and radiologists alike must have a thorough understanding of the morphometry and morphology of the foramen magnum. The lesion's in ventral proximity to the brain stem and cervicomedullary junction favours the transcondylar approach, which highlights the significance of the foramen magnum's morphometric analysis and accurate measurement of its dimensions


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    Volume 15 Issue 2