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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Occupational pressures among doctors and nurses Working in Saudi hospitals in the Eastern Province.

    Ali Mohammed Hummedi, Eman Makki Almustafa, Fatimah Mohammed Alzouri, Abeer Hassan Al Khamis, Waheeda Khalil abuqurain, Hala Ali Al Qassab, Nora Abdrubalameer Shaabann, Roqaiah Ali Almarhoun, Insherah Abdullah Abu dheeb, Huda Ahmad Alghamdi
    JCDR. 2020: 2310-2325


    Occupational pressures are one of the most important and widespread sources of disease, which is the result of several different sources to which the individual is exposed, which cause pressures on him, including the Occupational pressures resulting from some professions in which a person works, especially sensitive professions that are related to determining the fate, life, and profession of a person. This study focuses on male and female Saudi Doctors and nurses employed in various government hospitals in the Eastern Province, particularly in Ad-Dammām. The research sample comprises Doctors and nurses from prominent institutions The sample includes 500 participants, with 300 males and 200 females working in Ad-Dammām hospitals. The primary objectives of the study were to construct a scale of occupational pressures for doctors and nurses in government hospitals and to identify occupational pressures among them. The first objective was achieved by ensuring the stability and discriminatory strength of the constructed scale applied to the research sample. For the second objective, a one-sample T-test was employed. The study further explored occupational pressures based on gender through a T-test for two independent samples. Additionally, the fourth objective investigated occupational pressures on career progression, using a one-way analysis of variance. In conclusion, the study recommends conducting comparative research on doctors and nurses in government and private hospitals, emphasizing field studies to assess the psychosocial needs of health sector workers, and investigating other Occupational stressors impacting doctors and nurses' performance. These recommendations aim to contribute to the advancement of the health sector in Saudi Arabia and enhance the well-being of healthcare professionals


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    Volume 11 Issue 4