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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Oral hypoglycaemic drugs impact on type 2 diabetes patients, bone metabolism and risk of osteoporosis

    Dr Aathira A Dr Rekha Unnikrishnan Dr.Asha Krishnan L Dr George Mathew Dr Aswathi Gopi Dr. Nishanth C J Dr.Ali Sayyad C M
    JCDR. 2023: 1401-1406


    The development of osteoporosis is thought to be prevented by type 2 diabetic mellitus (T2DM). Oral hypoglycemic medications (OHA), however, are probably going to raise the risk of osteoporosis. Objective- To determine how different OHAs affected bone mineral density (BMD) in T2DM patients. Methods: The study included 45 age- and gender-matched healthy controls (mean age 52.45.1 yr) and 45 patients (study group) with T2DM (mean age 52.95.5 yr; 31 females) receiving treatment with oral hypoglycaemic agents (OHA) [thiazolidinediones alone (n=15) or in combination with other OHA (n=30)] for at least three years in a row. All patients underwent a thorough physical examination, a thorough clinical history was obtained, and anthropometric measurements were taken. BMD was assessed for both patients and controls. Results-The median [inter-quartile range (IQR)] duration of menopause (yr) among women [6(2-12) vs. 6(1-13)] and the mean body mass index (kg/m2) (26.54.90 vs. 27.35.33) were comparable between the two groups. Neck of femur (NOF) level bone mineral density (BMD; g/cm2) (0.7610.112 versus LSAP (0.8490.127 vs. 0.8540.135); median Z-score NOF (were also comparable in the study and control In both the study and control groups, the prevalence of normal BMD (9/45 vs. 8/45), osteopenia (16/45 vs. 18/45), and osteoporosis (16/41 vs. 15/41) was equal. The BMD, T-scores, and Z-scores at NOF and LSAP did not significantly differ between T2DM patients treated with thiazolidinediones, those treated with other OHA, and controls.SPSS (Version 22.0) was used for analysis. Conclusion- The present findings show that the use of OHA for a period of two years or more does not significantly affect the BMD in patients with T2DM


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