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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Perspective and Understanding of Libyan Physicians Regarding Cancer Pain Management

    Fathi Abousnina, Sarah Elfituri
    JCDR. 2019: 179-194


    To assess the mindset and level of understanding on the best way to utilize opioids and identify the obstacles to cancer pain treatment, particularly for Libya's young medical professionals. Methods: A questionnaire-based survey was administered to five hundred physicians. Medical disciplines and individual traits were used to classify doctors. Specialties were divided into general practitioners, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatrics, internal medicine, and family medicine professionals. Individual traits were categorized based on their current environment and prior experiences.. Results: Even though many medical professionals believed they had a good education in pain management techniques, a sizable portion of the medical community had a bad attitude and insufficient understanding of cancer pain management. As distinct as their areas of expertise and life experiences were, so too were their attitudes and levels of knowledge. Doctors' attitudes and knowledge were influenced by the following factors: (i) medical specialty; (ii) past experience using a practical pain assessment tool; (iii) self-perception of knowledge regarding pain management; (iv) experience prescribing opioids; and (v) experience receiving education for cancer pain management. Even if many doctors were passive when it came to prescription opiate analgesics, they are eager to utilize them in the future to treat cancer-related pain. The primary perceived obstacles to the best possible management of cancer pain were the following: lack of understanding regarding opioid analgesics, fear of tolerance, drug addiction, and adverse effects.. Conclusions: We discovered that further coursework and hands-on training will be necessary for young physicians in their early careers to receive proper cancer pain management.


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    Volume 10 Issue 1