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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research


    Dr Sameer Narkhede, Dr Aarti Sethia, Dr Pranita Jhadav, Dr Tanushree Bagree, Dr Shreyans Dalvi, Dr Shristi Nadar
    JCDR. 2021: 2604-2609


    The development of better orthodontic materials and appliance design made significant advances forward during the 1970s. Significant advances in the art and science of clinical orthodontics during the 1970s include the development of preadjusted appliances, the advent of considerably improved arch wires, and the progress of various bonding procedures. These are now making it possible for orthodontists to provide patients with better treatment outcomes with fewer uncomfortable and time-consuming procedures than ever before. In the last 25 years, the SPEED design has undergone extensive improvement. Improvements include the insertion of a super elastic nickel titanium spring clip, a "labial window" to facilitate opening the spring clip, and a horizontal auxiliary slot in the bracket body to facilitate segmental archwire mechanics. Although almost any archwire can be used with the SPEED bracket, some archwires have been created to maximise SPEED's natural advantages. These include Hills Dual-Geometry archwires, SPEED archwires, and Supercable, a seven-stranded coaxial nickel titanium archwire


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    Volume 12 Issue 7