ISSN 0975-3583

Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Study of impaired glucose tolerance test in pulmonary tuberculosis

    Dr. Prabhu N Biradar
    JCDR. 2015: 243-246


    Patients who have been diagnosed with tuberculosis have a higher risk of developing diabetes mellitus, according to research. The reciprocal worsening of the two processes by each other; Malnutrition and low BMI; Pancreatic Tuberculosis in rare cases; stress-induced Diabetes mellitus due to Tuberculosis and pituitary and adrenocortical hyper-reactivity; and vitamin D deficiency are all possible causes of the higher prevalence of Diabetes mellitus in tuberculosis. The purpose of our research is to determine the age and gender distribution of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis who have an impaired Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT), as well as to investigate the correlation between an impaired GTT and sputum positivity and radiological extent of disease.


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    Volume 6 Issue 4