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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Study of resurfacing of the entire facial aesthetic unit with full thickness skin grafting

    Ujwala Dahiphale, Vaishnavi Dahiphale
    JCDR. 2023: 1776-1781


    Skin grafting is one of the most commonly used techniques of the plastic and reconstructive surgeon. With full thickness skin graft usually texture and colour are more predictable with almost nil secondary contraction. It is a single stage simple procedure with better cosmesis. In this study an attempt has been made to study and evaluate resurfacing of facial aesthetic unit with full thickness skin graft. Material and Methods: Present study was prospective, observational study, conducted in patients of either gender and all ages who presented with facial disfigurement, underwent resurfacing of the entire facial aesthetic unit with full thickness skin grafting. Results: In present study, 14 cases underwent facial resurfacing at our hospital were studied. Majority cases were from less than 30 years age group (66.67 %) & female (86.67 %). Common etiology was burns scar (46.67 %), congenital pigmented nevus (20 %), basal cell carcinoma (13.33 %), xeroderma pigmentosa with multiple basal cell carcinoma (6.67 %), post traumatic (6.67 %) & post infective (6.67 %). Majority cases underwent resurfacing for forehead/chin/cheek/eyelid aesthetic unit area grafting. Common donor site area were from groin, postauricular & thigh region. Total grafts were done at 23 sites. Results at 6 months follow up, were evaluated by surgeons. As per surgeon’s evaluation, colour match was good (43.48 %) & fair (39.13 %) in majority of cases, texture match was good (60.87 %) & Fair (30.43 %) in majority of cases. At junctional area, hypopigmentation (60.87 %) & stretching (17.39 %) was noted in majority of cases. Conclusion: Satisfactory results were noted among patients underwent entire facial aesthetic unit is resurfaced with full thickness skin grafts.


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    Volume 14 Issue 2