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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Study of the perceptions of crossword puzzle as an active tool of learning for I year MBBS students: An original research

    Dr. Nirmala D, Dr. Hema. N, Dr. Swetha B, Dr. Deeepa L N
    JCDR. 2023: 2104-2111


    The traditional method of teaching Anatomy to 1st year medical students is by lectures and practical demonstrations. Students may find it difficult to concentrate and get complete involvement to learn by the didactic lectures. The challenge faced by students is the struggle in remembering and retaining the information. The active learning and involvement of the students is the need of the hour to make it easier in learning and remembering in a short duration. Hence adjuncts like crossword puzzle have been included in our study and the perceptions of the student have been documented. Objectives: To determine the perceptions of the students on using crossword puzzle as a tool in active learning of Anatomy Methodology: Crosswords built using free Internet resource were given to the 1st year Medical students of 2015 batch in groups of 5 each. The first group to successfully complete the puzzle was rewarded. Student perceptions in solving the crossword were examined with a questionnaire with both open and close ended questions and measured on Likert scale Result and Conclusion: Students found crossword puzzle can be applied as problem solving approach which involved recall of the subject. Majority of the students agreed crossword puzzle leads to active involvement of all participants in a group


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    Volume 14 Issue 2