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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Taming the Vagus is the key to alleviate body dysfunction: A Narrative Review

    Dr. Richa Hirendra Rai (PT), Dr. Jafar Khan (PT), Dr. KM Annamalai (PT), Dr. Vardhman Jain (PT), Abhishek Arora (PT)
    JCDR. 2019: 121-124


    Very often the Combating effects of vagal tone regulated by its afferents, to reduce stress and inflammation have been published in literature under the disguise of the old traditional breathing exercises and their effects on the different systems of the body. This review is an effort to establish literature evidence supporting the paradigm shift from classroom teaching to clinical application about the physiology of the tenth cranial nerve, whose power has been underestimated by the human. Data Source and Search Strategy: The electronic database of PUBMED/MEDLINE, Wiley online Library, Scopus and related articles was searched for available literature on key words vagus nerve and prolonged expiration, breathing techniques, immunity, yoga, pranayama and dysfunction. After reviewing the literature by different authors, a brief review was conceptualized from the same. Discussion and Conclusion: The role of vagus nerve is thus intriguing considering its vast connectivity and multiple projections leading to modulation of the different body functions. The parasympathetic-sympathetic balance resetting mechanisms executed through the feedforward and feedback vagal neural networks have shown to produce such biological effects which have alleviated several body dysfunctions. Moreover, regular practice have also shown to have long term effects on the body


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