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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    The Morphometric analysis of Pacinian Corpuscles in the thick skin of the Human Foot

    Dr Pawan Kmumar Mahato, Adarsh Ranjan, Dr Neeraj Kumar
    JCDR. 2023: 417-425


    This research study investigates the impact of ageing on the shape and size of Pacinian corpuscles in the great toe of the human foot. By using histological sections of thick skin were taken from 60 samples of different age groups and five samples from the foetus. we have measured H&E-stained alternate sections of thick skin of different age groups. the Pacinian corpuscles were measured by using ImageJ software. Results: The morphometric parameters, including ranges of horizontal diameter (0.08 to 0.82 mm), vertical diameter (0.08 to 0.87 mm), outer perimeter (0.27 to 3.22), outer area (0.01 to 0.63 mm2), inner perimeter (0.08 to 0.26mm) and capsule thickness (0 to 0.06mm). we have observed that the shape of the Pacinian corpuscle varies from triangular, oval, fusiform, quadrilateral, dumbbell, cylindrical and circular in shape. We have also found that corpuscles were arranged in a cluster. Conclusion: the morphometric analysis results indicate that horizontal and vertical diameter, outer perimeter, area, and capsule thickness significantly increase with increasing age.


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    Volume 14 Issue 2