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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    To evaluate effectiveness of dienogest in controlling bleeding abnormalities and PLAB score in endometriosis

    Dr. Kirti Singh, Dr. Zoya Kausar, Dr. Nishat Fatima
    JCDR. 2023: 1198-1211


    To evaluate the efficacy and safety of dienogest treatment in patients who had received dienogest for 6 months or more to treat endometriosis with also side effects. Methods We evaluate the clinical data of 50 women of reproductive age group with endometriosis who had been treated with 2 mg of dienogest once a day for 6 months, at a single institute. We evaluated changes in endometriosis-associated bleeding and endometrioma size, and adverse events following dienogest administration, PLAB scoring also done. Results Pain was significantly reduced at 6 months after dienogest medication. The most common adverse drug reaction was headache [42%] followed by 28% nausea and vomiting, associated with high discontinuation rates. A good satisfaction score found, so dienogest might be an effective therapeutic option for the long-term management of Endometriosis. Conclusion Finally, our study concluded that, Dienogest seems to be effective for the treatment of bleeding abnormalities, associated with endometriosis. Dianogest is a safe, effective. Mean PLAB significantly reduced after dianogest use.



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    Volume 14 Issue 5