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Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    Understanding about Recurrent Sore Throat among School Going Adolescents Children of Barabanki , Uttar Pradesh

    Dr.Anil Kumar Arya Dr.Abhishek Srivastava Dr.Renu Soni Dr Pankaj Mishra
    JCDR. 2023: 392-397


    Children frequently experience recurrent sore throats, which are typically brought on by bacterial or viral infections. This study aimed to determine the awareness about Recurrent Sore Throat among school going adolescents children of Noida ,Uttar Pradesh. Material & Methods:A cross-sectional survey of school-age adolescents in barabanki ,Uttar Pradeshwas carried out between October 2022 and December 2022 utilising a Google form. Up until 400 replies were obtained, the Google form was distributed to school-age children of barabanki ,Uttar Pradeshfor responses via email and social media platforms like Whatsapp groups, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. We collected data on their socio-demographic traits and familiarity with recurring sore throats. The Epi info v7 application was used to run the data through the necessary statistical tests. Results: A total of 400 respondents took part in the study, with 262 (65.5 percent) were males and 138 (34.5%) were female school children. The mean age of the participants was 15.3 ±6.1 years. In the present study 22.75 %(91) participants had very good knowledge (16-20 marks) towardsRecurrent Sore throat, 29.5% (118) had good knowledge (12-15 marks), 26.25%(105) had fair knowledge (8-11 marks) and 21.5% (86) having poor knowledge (<8 marks). Conclusion:According to the study's findings, youngsters have an average level of personal awareness and knowledge of recurrent sore throats


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