ISSN 0975-3583

Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research

    A Case Study of Histopathological Findings in Ectopic Tubal Pregnancies with Statistical Analysis in A Tertiary Care Center

    R. Uma, O. A. Meharaj Banu
    JCDR. 2023: 1870-1873


    Extrauterine implantation of embryo leads to ectopic pregnancy sites include fallopian tube, ovary, the common site is fallopian tube. Aim: Analysis of histopathological changes in ectopic pregnancies in fallopian tube and statistical analysis with fallopian tubes received after sterilization procedure. Materials and Methods: It is a comparative statistical study of ectopic pregnancy and fallopian tubes received after sterilisation procedure Results: Out of 352 cases of Fallopian tubes received 35 cases were ectopic and 317 cases were fallopian tubes after sterilisation showing pregnancy related histopathological changes. Of 35 ectopic cases, 30% cases show acute salpingitis, 7% - salpingitis isthmica nodosa, 63 % - chronic salpingitis.


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    Volume 14 Issue 2